FSK approval finally confirms After Truth will be much sexier than After Passion

FSK approval finally confirms: “After Truth” will be much sexier than “After Passion”

We already suspected it after the trailer – and now the confirmation from the FSK: After “After Passion” was released for ages 0 and up, the sequel “After Truth” is no longer for children …

Everything spoke in favor of the fact that “After Truth” will be a bit more revealing and passionate than the previous one. The trailer for the “After Passion” sequel alone is hotter than in the entire first part, which the FSK released last year from 0 (!) Years. A classification with rarity, at least when it comes to supposedly intimate love stories.

The second part of the bestseller film adaptation is now, as expected, but really nothing for children – teenagers, on the other hand, can look forward to the cinema release on September 3, 2020:

The FSK has approved “After Truth” from 12 years of age.

The FSK has approved “After Truth” from 12 years of age.

This is how it continues in “After Passion 2”

After being hurt too badly by Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), Tessa (Josephine Langford) decides to end the relationship. Now that she knows his real face, she not only feels betrayed, but downright humiliated. She wants her old life back from Hardin, but that’s easier said than done – especially since she keeps thinking about how passionate their relationship was.

Even if she was bitterly disappointed by him, she still longs for his kisses, his love – and is ultimately still willing to give him a second chance. But Hardin has to change for this and, among other things, get the jealousy of Tessa’s work colleague Trevor (Dylan Sprouse) under control …

The author of the book is now on board

The higher age rating for the sequel comes as no surprise – after all, Hardin and Tessa no longer have to start from scratch with their love affair and have also become older and therefore more mature. It only fits if you want to appeal to a somewhat older audience. And that this would happen was foreseeable for a long time 123Movies.

Because the author of the novel *, Anna Todd, personally wanted to ensure that some things change in Part 2. She was already on board as a producer for “After Passion”, but at the time left the script to others. This time, it is she herself who created a script from her novel – and one that is no longer as suitable for children as possible. In advance, the author promised an R rating for the USA (approved from 17 years of age).

If you want to get in the mood with Part 1 before the cinema release next week, you can currently watch “After Passion” on subscription from Sky Ticket * – or alternatively buy the film on DVD and Blu-ray * or as a digital version *.