Harrison Ford as young Han in Solo A Star Wars Story This video is baffling the internet right now

Harrison Ford as young Han in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”: This video is baffling the internet right now

What would the Han spin-off “Solo: A Star Wars Story” have looked like with Harrison Ford in the lead role? A new impressive deepfake video shows it – and lets “Star Wars” dream for a moment.

Admittedly, deepfakes are nothing new anymore. At the same time (luckily?) We are still a long way from taking them for granted or even normal. That’s why we like to edit particularly impressive image manipulations – just to show how terrifyingly advanced today’s technology is. Even without the costly resources of large film studios.

After two Marvel stars quickly slipped into the roles of Doc Brown and Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” and Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly replaced Peter Weller in “RoboCop”, a new deepfake video now takes us to a far, distant galaxy:

In the video from Paperspace we see selected scenes from the disastrously flopped “Star Wars” spin-off “Solo: A Star Wars Story” about the young Han Solo. In the 2018 film, of course, he is not played by the now well over 70-year-old original actor Harrison Ford, but by Alden Ehrenreich (who has not been seen in any other film since then).

Fans of the cult saga, for whom there is only one true Han Solo to this day, should not only be impressed by the image processing, but perhaps also make them dream for a moment – what if the film only existed with the young Harrison Ford?

The illusion is only perfect at first glance. While deepfakes can look deceptively real nowadays, the trick is exposed at the latest when the characters in it start to speak. However, as soon as you get the voices right, it’s only a matter of time before we can barely distinguish between real and fake …

Is Han returning in “Solo 2”?

With pure production costs of $ 275 million, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” brought in just $ 392.9 million – which, according to the deadline, results in a loss of over $ 75 million after billing including advertising costs and the like. A billionaire corporation like Disney is relatively easy going, but no film studio in the world is up for a sequel and a potential repetition of the loss.

Nonetheless, the film has a loyal fan base, which came together again last May and with the online initiative

By the way, you can watch “Solo: A Star Wars Story” with a streaming subscription at Disney *. The spin-off is available there alongside all other “Star Wars” films (and series) CMOVIESHD.